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Integrity Rotational's Vice President and Managing Partner


How long have you been with Integrity Rotational Molding?

20 years

What is your role at Integrity?

I am the Vice President and Managing Partner of the company. 

What do you love most about this industry? 

It is an important but small niche in the plastic industry. Very few limitations in design undercuts can easily be formed with proper design and tooling.

What do you love about working at Integrity?

It is amazing to see the satisfaction of a customer as you help them bring their vision into reality, from design to pulling their first part off their molds. It's important for us to live up to the name on our door.

What do you like to do outside of work?

When I'm not at work I enjoy riding my bike, taking my muscle car to car shows. I love meeting and interacting with folks with have the same interests. Seeing their toys and hearing their stories.

Any accolades, awards, degrees, certifications we should know about?

I am a senior member of SPE and have served on the board of directors for their Rotational Molding division. I gave instructed numerous workshops for the association of rotational molders.