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These are just a few of the questions we often get asked.

How long are your lead times?

Due to COVID, current leads times can be hard to predict. We generally have a 2 week lead time before parts go on a machine in a normal environment. Then depending on the complexity of the product and wall thickness, we can run anywhere from 15-24 pieces per day. 

How many rotational molding machines do you have?

We currently have 4 rotational molding machines at Integrity. 

How much available capacity do you have?

We currently run at about 70%  daily capacity on 3 of our machines. We can use our 4th machine as additional capacity or use it to help with quicker production to help meet customer product timelines. 

How many years have you been in business?

We have been in business for 20 years.

How many shifts do you operate?

We operate 3 shifts 7 days per week. 

Do you have drop-shipment capabilities?

We have limited space available but are always willing to discuss your drop-shipment needs.

Are you ISO certified?

We are currently not ISO certified, but our standards are written in an ISO format. All customer job aids, spec sheets, and quality checks are written specifically for each product we run.

Do you have any value-added services?

We help our customers with secondary operations to full turn-key products.

How large is your team?

We have around 50 employees helping to meet the needs of customers at all levels and at all times.